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Merchandise Description


Common Double Pitch Roller chain


40Mn metal,304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel.


Normal chains and special chains, such as A or B series chains, roller chains, driving chains, conveyor chains, hoisting chains, agricultural chains, sprockets, gears, wheels and so on.


 A sequence(twelve.7-fifty.8mm pitches),B sequence (9.525-fifty.8mm pitches)and the large sequence.

Limited pitch precision roller chain

Simplex Roller Chains&Bushing Chains: 

Duplex Roller Chains&Bushing Chains:

Triplex Roller Chains&Bushing Chains:


Chain website link variety

Regular links (without attachment) and non-common backlinks (with attachment).


A1: A single-side,1 gap cranked attachments.
A2: A single-facet,two holes cranked attachments.
K1: Each-side,a single hole cranked attachments.
K2: The two-facet,two hole cranked attachments.
D1: One particular-aspect,an prolonged pin on each and every outer hyperlink.
D3: A single-side,two extended pin on each outer website link.

Our Products Advantage

one. Each stage from creation purchase to the packing method has a stringent top quality inspection.
2. We have regular roller chain with 1.5 meters (DIN. ANSI.) Non-normal roller chain (custom-made acording to customer drawings).
three. Export goods with substantial quality and lower price.
4.We have a great service ahead of and after-sale.

one.Rapidly supply: Regular products can be shipped in as quick as twenty days
two.Great service: timely reply, prompt quotation, dependable for the merchandise
three.Higher price efficiency: can maintain price tag stability for a specified interval of time, bringing increased revenue to consumers
four.Excellent quality: production and testing have corresponding supervision to guarantee merchandise high quality and get higher praise from customers
five.OEM service: products can be custom-made according to drawings and needs

We are dependable for the purchased goods. We are really assured in the merchandise we generate. Of program, if you have any problems soon after obtaining the products, you can get in touch with us immediately. We will verify and negotiate in time to remedy your troubles.


Stainless steel chain plates often experience different troubles in application. In the function of foods equipment and equipment, there will be a lot of skilled expertise that want to be prevented and solved. The customization of the stainless steel chain plate is the assure of the output power of the growth function. Then, let’s resolve the method of dragging the stainless steel chainplate.
A common technique of application of pickling pastes is to eliminate rust from stainless metal chains. Increase. This rust removing approach is appropriate for most production industries this sort of as equipment manufacturing, foodstuff products, printing and dyeing machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, and high-pressure container manufacturing.
The actual operator of the pickling paste application also gave you a short introduction. Initial, wipe the stainless metal chain on the surface of the pickling paste. At current, the interval between polyurethane coatings is .5-2 mm, and the time is 3-10 minutes. If the average temperature in wintertime is lower, or 0°C, or the air oxide pores and skin is skinny, the stick to-up time should be appropriately enhanced. Through the resolution, a number of cleanings with a comfortable brush are advisable. Soon after the air oxide pores and skin on the surface of the stainless steel chain is completely eliminated, the stainless steel chain can be cleaned Our agricultural machinery chains satisfy each conceivable require and are obtainable in a variety of measurements and requirements. Even so, what all our chains have in frequent is our professional dedication to good quality. Knowing that you have access to a chain you can have faith in can make all the distinction and give you peace of head. We know you want trustworthy and high quality agricultural chains, not chains that extend and can cause downtime, and perform hard to make certain our consumers constantly know our precision chains will operate – guaranteed. Even though no agricultural procedure can be predicted to be free of downtime, our purpose is to lessen lost time by supplying farmers with the parts they require to hold all of their tools in best condition. Everyday dress in and tear is expected and can be planned, but we attempt to decrease the likelihood of unplanned downtime owing to not obtaining the correct chain accessible.
with cold water, or with lime slurry or edible alkali to keep away from rusting.

China wholesaler China Supplier Single Silent Conveyor Roller Flexing Chain with Rubber     near me factory